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Lessons I've Learned on the Writer's Craft

  • An authentic voice is a writer's most powerful tool.
  • Be passionate and engage readers in a world more profound than their own.
  • Entice the reader to pause, reflect, and internalize the story.
  • Characters drive a story.
  • Discover the details that are interesting and appealing to children.
  • Use inventive language.
  • Research a great deal on your subjects.
  • Incorporate the elements of fiction.
  • Creativity is the function of discipline and hard work.
  • Have perseverance.

My Experience with the Writer's Craft

  • Read and analyzed children's and young adult fiction and nonfiction in various genres.
  • Written and revised a novel manuscript and several picture book manuscripts.
  • Presented a lecture, book talks, an author study, investigative project, and publisher report.
  • Participated in professional critique groups and workshops with colleagues.
  • Received manuscript critiques from published authors.

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