Hi! My name is Blessy Mathew, and welcome to my Web site. I'm a writer of young adult fiction and picture books. My stories take place in different parts of the world—some new and some familiar—as well as in my imagination.

On this Web site, you can find out more about my background, writing philosophy, teaching experience and credentials by clicking on the links above. I also enjoy exploring topics on culture and music as it relates to writing.

My Ideal Reader

Who is my ideal reader? Do I have an ideal reader in mind as I write? When asked these questions, it gets me thinking about my own writing. An audience is crucial to my identity as a writer. Is it enough to write for pleasure? Of course, but don’t we want to share what we spend most of our waking hours doing?

My ideal reader is someone who enjoys the genres I read, someone who "gets" my writing. That person must be willing to take a journey into another world and be open to the possibilities of the unfamiliar. For me, writing is the reassurance that someone else will read and consider my thoughts. Writing is a very lonely craft and yet, at the same time, it captures a reader who might make a connection to the story. As writers, some aspects of our lives are revealed in the stories we tell. I often find myself capturing bits of reality and turning them into fiction.

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